Why I Want To Pursue A College Admission Essay

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Most people I know have college education ranging through many generations of their family, but unfortunately my family doesn't have that luxury. I come from immigrant parents who made me realize that success is earned, not given and in order to achieve success one must aspire to work hars . Since moving to the United States eighteen years ago, my parents have taught me necessities needed to succeed in America. From living with the satisfaction that I will receive a college education to providing me with the tools neccesecary in life my parents have always been there for me. In my early childhood, my parents taught me how important a strong work ethic was and made me understand the importance of education and the prospect it provides. They also taught me how sometimes life outside the classroom is just as important as a child's education. They provided me opportunities to support my endeavors outside of the…show more content…
Being the first member of my family to attend college and extra responsibilities in my life has ingrained me the necessary work ethic, patience, respect, and perseverance needed at Rutgers. I aspire to give back to the community which has given so much opportunity to my family and me. Furthermore, my college experience would go beyond the scope of learning and to the extent of helping others in the community, such as family members, friends, and others who also wish to pursue their dreams of a higher education. Every college has their own unique qualities and notions that make the school a worthy place of learning for prospective students. To me Rutgers is a great school due to its diversity and excellence in providing students the best education possible. At Rutgers, I hope to pursue a career that will make my parents proud knowing that I achieved success . An education at Rutgers University would no doubt be an amazing opportunity for any student beginning the next chapter of their
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