Why I Want To Pursue In College

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When I think of college, I think of all the countless opportunities. It gives you the opportunity to find yourself, to gain knowledge and skills, and the chance to pursue your dreams. The dream that I hope to pursue in college is to major in health science and eventually become an occupational therapist in the near future. In order to reach this goal of mine it’s going to require me to have a good sense of time management, determination, guidance, and for me to remain positive. Managing your time can be very difficult and often stressful. Especially when transitioning from high school to college since most of us are starting our first part time job. In college, students are struggling to balance school, studying, a part-time job, family, and friends. There will be times where you want to hold off studying and go hang out and party with your friends but you should remember that your academic work should always come first when prioritizing your time. Friends and family will understand that your focus as of now is your education. Your education is what is going to determine your future. Even though it seems like there are tons of things going on in your life, you have to keep in mind all this stress and all this studying is…show more content…
In college, you may fail some tests and quizzes here and there but you must remember never to give up. It’s important to know that you’re not doing this just for yourself but for others. Something I like to tell myself every time I feel like giving up is to think about how many people’s lives I will make an impact on with my career. As an occupational therapist, I’m going to make a difference in someone’s life and help them enjoy life even more. So even if things get hard and you want to give up, a good thing to remember is that nothing in this world comes easy, least of all success. You will face several obstacles throughout your journey but you must struggle in life to reach

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