Reflective Essay Of My Autobiography

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I always have been curious. It made me being in several troubles when I was a boy. I wanted to know everything about the world which surrounded me. I had knowledge hungry. In an attempt to calm down my hyperactivity, my mother taught me to read and I loved reading, at the beginning at least.
The first book I had on my hand was a Physic Geography one. I was fascinated with the pictures and their colors. The idea of the planetary movement and cosmological events such as eclipses, constructed in my mind a complex and rich universe. This occurred when I was 5 years old. I did not know how reading, however my grand mother did read them for me. I was insatiable. I was always requesting someone to read me something. At the beginning everyone at home were enchanted with the idea but then it became a problem, they had responsibilities to attend to instead of being reading to me all the time, so my mother
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With the years I became mure mature and I started enjoying classic lectures so I started reading more often again. I remember Le Pere Goriot by Honore de Balzac, A Doll’s House by Henry Ibsen and Tartufo by Moliere as my favorites.
Last year I came to USA, a country of Anglo-Saxon language and a very different culture. I arrived full of energies and skills thanks my OCD on studying and my curiosity. My experience as reader indicated me the way to improve my English. It was once again, the lecture.
My first book and attempt in English language was a very risked choice, but it gave most of my current language skills. It was Cosmos by Carl Sagan. I selected it because I wanted to aboard a theme which I would be familiarized with: science. I thought I would understand at least the Maine ideas. At the beginning the vocabulary was a challenge but once I acquired it, it was really enjoyable. Once again the dictionaries came in my

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