Personal Narrative: My Accomplishment

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My family was so excited when i started high school. They got to make calls to the rest of their family back in europe and brag about me but it wasn't just the fact that i started high school it was what i wanted to be after high school, a doctor. I would be the first in my whole family, and to them that was the most exciting acomplishment. It felt good to them and to me, knowing i wanted to be what they wanted. They were proud of me. The glow of happiness that gave me was priceless.Starting high school was what i needed, but not a fun eperiance. As exciting as the idea was it slowly turned into a prison. I started off with good grades focusing on school and my goal. I even made some wonderful friends. But the longer i was in school the more bullies noticed me. i didn't need to do anything bad they just needed someone with enough low self esteme and i had it. i colored my hair and I started to struggle keeping my grades together and keeping my firends together and soon enough i was hopeless. As that depression grew i graduated highschool with C's to D-'s, my family was not happy. Unable to get into any other colleges my family wanted i decided to go with the closest comunity college and still…show more content…
I had to tell my family, they weren't as passionate as i was. They believe it was a low income career and low expectation of myself. But i didn't care it's what i wanted like a kid begging for candy i pleaded and convinced them this is what i want. So they supported me, and they were shocked. through out school i showed my talent with producing wonder works of art with peoples hair but also creating wonderful lasting memories for my clients that brought them back. Once i finished school i got my lisence with the first try and got a job at a salon. Today i suprise my family with my talent but also my goals, to own my own salon. I got back into school at the same college as before, but this time being who i wanted to
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