Why I Want To Stay At Valley Forge Dbq

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In 1777- 1778 The Revolutionary War was at it’s peak. George Washington decided to camp at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania with the British and General Howe near by in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But troubles were yet to come because Winter has just begun. If I were at Valley Forge would I have quit or Re- Enlisted. The definition of “Quit” is to not Re- Enlist. Which is what I am not doing. I have decided to Re- Enlist because I’m an American, I’d rather die knowing I did my best to defend my country. Rather die knowing I could have done more, and I’m neede by George Washington. My first Reason to stay is because I’m an American. This is our country and why not fight for it. In Doc: D it says, “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly:…show more content…
All I’m trying to say is that this is our chance to free America from Britain. I wouldn’t care If i were on the verge of dying I will fight till my last breath and keep my heart towards the truth. We are an amazing country and we deserve to be free and that is why I am Reenlisting. Because this is my duty to protect our country from Britain’s unfair rule. The question “Would you Re- Enlist” is significant because it shows who will stand for America or back down. I will stand with America for all my life if I need to. Why is it important to ask whether a soldier at Valley Forge should have Re- Enlisted? Well it’s important because it gets you thinking about the hardships and good parts of Valley Forge. But you should always be in a well hearted attitude because if you say you are going to die you might die. But if you believe you will live you will. Why would it matter today if I would have left and been a Sunshine Patriot. Well Britain might have won the war because of one person who could have taken out ten people but because he wasn’t there The British would have had ten more people to help win the war. We also could have been part of Britain and were all killed off because of treason and our life would be different. Men may be quitting because of hard trials but this our country and why not fight for it.So every day you are thankful for havieng a free country to live remember those solldiers from 1777- 1778 who stayed and fought for us and our

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