Why I Want To Stay In Valley Forge Dbq

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In the winter of 1777 and 1778, George Washington and thousands of soldiers were in Valley Forge, a winter camp outside of Philadelphia. Where there was disease and terrible living conditions. I would stay because even though soldiers were sick, not a lot were dying, Washington was getting help from the congressional committee, and I would definitely not be a summer soldier, because freedom is actually worth fighting for. One of the reasons I would have stayed in Valley Forge is a lot may have been sick but only little died. It is stated in document A that only 3,989 were sick out of 8,000. That means only 50% of the soldiers were sick, also the weather would be the same everywhere else too and you would probably be sick at home or anywhere else, some soldiers did not really realize that when they left. Also it is stated in document A that 1,800 out of 12,000 died. Which is only about 15%, and in those odds I would have definitely stayed. Also if you were smart and stayed away from the sick and be cautious there would be no way you could get sick and die.…show more content…
In document B it clearly shows George Washington asking the powerful and well dressed men for help, also you know they can help because they are a part of congress. It was kind of pathetic they are grown men and are in tattered clothes with holes and some sick with no shoes or anything but it wasn’t like that for long. Still the Patriots had willingness to fight for their country which held them together. Also it was quoted in the caption in document B that “The committee of five congressmen stayed several weeks and was helpful in getting more food and clothing to the soldiers. So George Washington and the congressmen could help, which only the smart ones figured
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