Why I Want To Study Abroad In College Essay

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I have a passion to travel and go on new adventures; I want to see all that the world has to offer me. I get such a thrill when I purchase airline tickets or find a new place I get to discover. I spend the majority of my free time searching for cities to explore and people to meet. In fact, my weekly planner reads, “Where to next…” on the cover in bright, bold letters. There was never a question or hesitation in my mind when it came to studying abroad in college— it was part of the reason I chose San Diego State. I was lucky enough to go on two education trips abroad around Europe in high school. When researching potential colleges my senior year, I took those trips into consideration. SDSU has amazing programs all over the world, and I…show more content…
I am enrolled in the necessary prerequisites for my major to assure that I would be eligible for upper division, major courses and electives. I am also researching more of the history and culture of Aukland and New Zealand so that it would be easier for me to adjust once overseas and have a smooth transition. Once I return after my time abroad, I plan to use my newfound lessons and experience to better my education and future career. I would also encourage others to go abroad as well, so that they can become internationally competent was well. I anticipate having to adapt to a new teaching style used at AUT. However, this could only make me a more well-rounded student and a more qualified future employee. I believe that this will help immerse myself in the culture and the expectations of the university. The university offers several different programs to help study abroad students to experience Aukland like a local. Studying abroad again would be an amazing opportunity for me. Not only would I learn about other parts of the world, but I would also learn about myself in the process. I know that during and after my new study abroad experience, people would see my passion for travel grow even more, and I hope to encourage others to find their passion as
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