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It is important to study something in school that you enjoy but that is also useful in the real world. I have always been asked, “what's your major?”. I would answer art history and always got a response like, “what are you going to do with that?”. Most parents and students don’t feel that there is a good foundation from learning Art History. It is often heard from high school and college students (influenced by their parents) that to succeed you must major in science, technology, engineering, or business. They think studying liberal arts is a future of unemployment and uncertainty. But, it is important to override these belief because of the large opportunity for art majors in the world. My experiences as a child, influences, and mentors have inspired me to study art history at Belmont and I want to share my experiences and knowledge of my process. What drives you to study art and pursue a career in this impressive field?
First, the access to art is becoming increasingly open and available with a range of opportunities in the field. There is a
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Katie’s success in her company is due to her different positions she took: “having different jobs before I opened my own company helped me to widen my skill sets; to be flexible and adaptable to change; to be creative in my thinking; and to trust my own ability to learn what I needed to grow my business”. Some skills needed for the profession are being able to speak and write clearly, to listen to the needs of clients and respond to those, and to follow through on all promises to engender trust. Adaptability and the ability to work effectively individually and collaboratively is also a skill that you will learn in your experience in and out of school. Skills and tools are made through the process of learning and will grow exponentially if you take the classes, internships, and inquire about

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