Why I Want To Study Biology Essay

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To Graduate Committee Admission of Biochemistry and Cell Biology Program of Rice University:

My inclination to study biology comes to me since I was little boy. I always found amazing the capabilities of living beings and mechanisms that allow life, development and evolution of organisms. Particularly interesting were my first approaches to microbiology in early classes in high school. My fascination by biological sciences was such that it led me to win the National Biology Contest held in Cuba, my native country in 2004. This was one of my first academic achievements in my short career and allowed me to directly enter the best pre-university school in my country. Since then, the way forward seemed pretty obvious and interesting.

I chose
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My knowledges of molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology have grown, but I know there is a lot to learn and, as always, to keep learning is my final goal. This is the moment to challenging myself and pursuit other experiences in an area that involve Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I want to continue my education at the Graduate Program in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Rice University. This program is the best option to continue improving my scientific and professional skills. The privileged research conditions of your university, the facilities, the faculty and the outstanding researcher lines make this university the perfect place for a doctoral training. Especially interesting to me are researches in areas as genetic engineering of metabolic pathways and synthetic biology, develop in your university. I think that my experience in microbial, biochemical and molecular biology area could be useful and coud let me fit well in this Ph.D. program. I am convinced that the intensive research Ph.D. training will help me become a better prepared for a position in biomedical research, pharmaceutical industry or
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