Why I Want To Study Business Essay

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Business has become one of the most important aspects of our daily lives and I would like to study Business on a degree level as I am very passionate about it. It will teach me how to deal with all kinds of problems and learn how to make fast and effective decisions which is something I really want to be better at. Business is something that needs teamwork and it is something I really like, I love working as a team and communicating and discussing ideas with different people. I love learning and hearing other people 's ideas, and I am very excited to broaden my knowledge on business and management. I feel that I am a good motivator and I love traveling which are really important factors for running a successful business. I believe that I am an ambitious and enthusiastic individual who has always looked forward to stepping into the world of business. I have always been inspired by my father, who is a businessman and owns a real…show more content…
subjects.In the same year of joining, I had the opportunity to participate in a class trip to Malaysia. Our “ You, Me and the Community” program gave us the possibility to volunteer and visit some of the really small villages. We taught English to fourth and fifth graders in a school, and we also enjoyed some fun games with them afterward. I really enjoy volunteering in general, but traveling and volunteering with my classmates was a really good experience. This trip made me socially more responsible and also made me a more confident person. I also really love art and I have opted for IB HL art in school. My favorite type of art is painting with acrylics and its something which I really enjoy doing. Painting takes all my stress away, with all the studying and all the pressure due to school work, having something to do on the side really helps with taking my mind away from
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