Why I Want To Study Computer Science

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Since my school days, my best quality has been my curiosity. My keen interest in learning new ideas, when combined with my inner desire to reach a degree of excellence in every endeavor, enabled me to acquire significant knowledge in various aspects of nature and technology.
My undivided attention towards computer science goes back to the time I was in school. This interest has only grown through the years, as I have learnt more and more about the subject. Consequently, I took part in a discussion group of senior high school teachers who motivated me to opt for computer science as my career.
My conversance to computer science began after I secured admission in the Reva Institute of Technology and Management in Bengaluru. The excellent facilities, course and faculty have given me a firm background of the fundamentals of computer science. Having been introduced to the diverse aspects of computer science during the course of my undergraduate studies, I have found computer science most intellectually satisfying and stimulating. Personal satisfaction also plays a key role in my
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However, in consequent years, the versatility and facile nature of computers made it even more interesting and really left me spellbound and enthralled. This solidified my interest in computer science and exposed me to the enormous potential of this developing field. As the depth of studying about computers increased, it helped me widen my background in various concepts. I also paid special attention to vital subjects like computer networks, design and analysis pf algorithms, programming languages and Unix shell programming since I would deal with these in my professional life. I also have a special interest in cloud computing, since it is the rising technology of this generation. The features of cloud computing have made me keen on pursuing more research in that particular
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