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When talk about Korea, no one who does not know Korea. People known that Korea is a modern country that had a fast growing economy, and had a top education ranking. I have known Korea through the spread of Korean culture. Nowadays, in Thailand, Korean culture has a role in the everyday lives of people. The question that arises now is “Why Korea?” For me, I have a significant experience that inspired me want to study in Korea. I had a great opportunity to be a representative from the Thai Red Cross to join in The 3rd Model IFRC General Assembly in Korea. When I arrived in Korea, I found that Korea is the leader in technology, and have developed at all times. I have experience with the Korean culture, lifestyle of Korean people. I have seen the differences between Thailand and Korea. Korean people have…show more content…
It’s my first time that I have listened to the Korean people speak in real situation. These are so exciting experiences. I joined the conference that held at Anseong. So, I have seen other views of Korea that differ from Seoul. Although Korea has advanced technology, but also perfect combined traditional culture. The participants are from Korea and all over the world. The conference used by all English. I was so impressed in Korean when I found that Korean student can use the excellent English. And there are also foreign participants that study in Korea. This was showing that Korea has a good education system, and has become international. I had an opportunity to talk with these students. Most of them win the scholarship to study in Korea. This is also the motivated me to want to study in Korea even more. I belong a merchant family. I was born and raised in Lampang and lived with my mother, aunt, grandmother and elder brother. My father and my eldest brother lived in Bangkok. My parents always support me all that I wanted to learn, and shaped me into the person I am today. I am a student of Lampang Kanlayanee

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