Reflection: Why I Want To Study Mathematics

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Math had been my interesting subject from my elementary class, but my main interest in Math Subjects beginning to grow from Grade 9. I was hugely inspired by the teaching methodology of my Math teacher who focuses mainly on a concept, not just way to solve the mathematical problem. I remember that I love to read the introductory pages of Trigonometry and brief proof about how various formulas in basic trigonometry are obtained. Even though I just need to remember the formulas in order to perform good in my exam, I was very keen to know how those formulas are derived. This process helps me to understand the abstract concepts of mathematics, like trigonometry. Also, in Grade 11 and Grade 12 I was quite famous in math class because
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Here, I continued to study advanced Mathematics subjects both applied and pure mathematics. I also get chance to learn about Matlab and Latex. Although we submitted most of our assignment in paper, we have also supplementary class about Matlab and Latex. I learn basic of these course which, I hope, will help me my future education.

Why do you want to study math?this field? This college?
I choose math because I’m very passionate about mathematics (why?). I always like to know how this mathematical concepts and formulas are created and what the real life implications of these abstract ideas are. I choose math as my major subject because of my desire to know more about minute details in this subject matter.

I particularly interested in Number theory (which field of number theory?) where I got a great grade as well. Also, I love Real analysis and Abstract algebra as well.

In the third year of my bachelor's level, I choose Math as a major instead of physics. Although lots of my friends and even some teacher encourage me to major in Physics, because of more financial rewards in the Physics than in mathematics. I decide to major in math because I love to know how some formula are from (I like to know how Chinese remainder theorem is formed, not just what its statements says ) what are the real life application of this my passionate

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