Why I Want To Study Medicine Essay

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SHIZANA SAEED From an early age I have been enthralled by the workings of life. White coats, stethoscopes hung around necks and the sense of playing hero were popular amongst my childhood dreams. However unlike others around me, this dream was not lost when I realized that reality paved a much tougher and a lengthy road-instead, it grew to become a fierce ambition. The human body is an extraordinary machine with many different systems producing an organism that could never be artificially reproduced. My love and passion of science is just one of my reasons for choosing medicine. I relish a challenge particularly towards a rewarding and satisfying objective and although medicine is an arduous career it can be enormously gratifying, highlighted by the doctors I have spoken and worked along with during my experience and on a personal level. My immeasurable appreciation of life, my compassion to aid those in need combined with my attraction to the complexity of the human body are the fuels of my desire to study medicine. My passion for science led me to take Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics to my A- level. In…show more content…
I am a self-motivated, determined individual and I look forward to the social and academic challenged of university. I wish to follow a career path that will stimulate my mind, one that will make me feel productive and in which I am motivated to succeed, because success in a medical career means succeeding in helping others. I have seen and experienced the struggle that goes hand in hand with medicine, but I know that it is worth the struggle. I know I have the determination, endurance and enthusiasm needed to succeed in this fascinating and rewarding career. I have the driver and willpower needed to learn from this wealth of knowledge at university and to improve the lives of generations to

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