Why I Want To Study Social Work Essay

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Why I choose to study Social Work When I was little I would dream about attending university. When I went to further my education at St Stephen's college I gained so much knowledge about U.W.I St Augustin that fascinated me. Early February I applied to the desired educational institution, under the facility of Social Sciences. My first choice is Social work. Social Work is concerned with helping people enhance their well-being. Pursuing Social Work has always been a goal of mines. The Social Work Department is made up of a variety of professions and programs. The reason I choose to study Social Work is because I want to become a Child, family, and school Social Worker. This department of Social Work offers help such as assistance to children, youths and also to their parents or guardians. They work with families where abuse is
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I want to be able to give the families that want a child and the ones that want to give away their child happiness.
I also want to become my own boss because I am a leader and also I want to keep working with children. Honestly, I don't have a plan B because this is something that I want to do so badly it's all that I think about when I get up in the morning and when I go to sleep at night. A degree in Social Work will be amazing because it will further improve my education. I have studied and work really had towards getting the opportunity to study Social Work. Working hard for something that I want brings me happiness because it ensures me that I'm only a few steps away from achieving my goal and being able to help others. Just the thought of having the opportunity to study Social Work is a great achievement for

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