Why I Want To Studying Abroad

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I was always the smartest in my family and between my siblings; Literally, I had no life back during the elementary. mid-school and high school besides books and libraries. I graduated from the high school with a high GPA in scientific intensive section; back in Kuwait, where I come from we have two sections in high school that we have to choose one of the two section in the beginning of grade eleven. However, in grade ten we take a common general courses and subjects that let us find ourselves and our interest, is it more about science or about arts, then based on tenth grade we decide. At first I was always wanted to study abroad, but my father’s situation was the only problem, he is a “cancer worrier” as I always called him. He fought cancer for almost 8 years, but the problem I always think that what will happen if something happened to him, while I am a way from him. Since the last year of high school that was my only concern. The problem I told myself if I want to study abroad, I will choose nothing but the United States and here is the first problem. It takes from sixteen to twenty hours from Kuwait to the States and vice versa, and it is rarely to find this sixteen hours flight. I started wondering what should I do? Then my family convinced that my father would be so happy if he heard that I wanted to study in the United States…show more content…
However, I did my best to switch to mechanical engineering; passing with that all the tests and interviews that switching from one major to another the scholarship requires. Here I am a junior at Temple University writing my story of why choosing mechanical engineering and why exactly this major. What I really want to achieve with this major is graduating with a good GPA, get back home saying my father in a good health and telling him that I did for me and him as he always
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