Why I Want To Travel Essay

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Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to travel around the world, but unfortunately, I didn’t grow up with enough money to travel and go on vacation like others may have had. So instead, I stayed at home and wrote stories about traveling to various places on the Earth and fictional places that allowed me to pretend that I was traveling. Never in a million years did I believe that I would have the luxury and ability to go to a university that allowed me to travel to such extravagant and exotic locations such as Australia, Japan, Ethiopia, Brazil, Ghana, Canada, and Spain. Traveling has allowed me to expand my comfort zone and even go outside of it to experience new adventures and memories with people I’ve become close with. It has…show more content…
For example, when I was in Canada, I discovered my love of hockey when a friend I met took me to a hockey game or the time I visited Japan and was able to ride the (Shinkansen) bullet train throughout a 24-hour route to see all of Japan and ended the ride by stopping at a karaoke shop (and performing a couple of songs in English and Japanese) before heading to a hotel for the night or the time I was able to visit a hot spring in Ethiopia, where I received a much needed detox from a stressful week I had been experiencing. Additionally, I learned how to cook a variety of cuisine dishes such as poutine from Canada, croquettes from Spain, authentic pasta dishes from Italy, and jollof rice from Ghana. While traveling the world, I had the chance to develop a variety of skills concerning concepts that include: researching, time management, planning, communication and networking skills. While in a new and unfamiliar environment, it is key to prepare yourself for challenges and cultural barriers you may encounter. Through my experiences, I was able to improve my skills to become a better guest in the country and enhance my own experiences in the country and in
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