Why I Want To Visit To Spain

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In the summer I always want to go visit my aunt so she can tell me stories about when she lived in Spain. She had to come to the United States when she was really young, but, from what she remembers it sounds like an astonishing place to visit.She lived in the urban part of Madrid. Her family farmed grapes and sold them to wineries. She wants to go back soon, but she has a young baby that could not last a whole day on a plain. I remember her telling me about how different Americans customs are from Spains, the bizarre animals, and all her favorite sites in Madrid. On place I want to visit is Spain. To begin, the customs in Spain are very intriguing. One example is running of the bulls. The Running of the bulls started in the early fourteenth century, in which people run in front of bulls. Later, the bulls are put in an arena and people stab the bull and eventually kill it. I am a very athletic and competitive person, so to see people attempt to…show more content…
In Madrid, Spain there is the Prado Museum. It is a huge art gallery with thousands of famous paintings. One of my favorite paintings is in the museum, las Meninas. This is my favorite painting because no one can figure it out. Everytime I look at it, I find something new that changes my perspective. Another place I would like to visit in Madrid is the Royal Palace. All the royal family lives there and it has lots of historic artifacts in it. It is so beautiful with all the statues and even the complex architecture of the palace. Also, I would like to visit Plaza Mayor. Plaza Mayor is a big “u” shaped building that has tons of apartments. It is what is on the first floor that interests me though, because there are shops and authentic foods. In America, our Spanish food is not even close to the real food in Spain. In the Plaza Mayor, the origins of their food goes way back to when they first became a country. Madrid, Spain has lots of cultural sites that I would enjoy
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