Why I Want To Volunteer With Doctors Without Borders

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My societal responsibility once I complete my degree would be to help others be the best that they can be no matter their environment or mental situation. I plan on becoming a neurosurgeon but I really want to focus on mental health treatments. I also want to volunteer with Doctors without Borders because I enjoy travelling and helping others that do not have the opportunity for betterment either with not having enough money or not being able to reach a medical center. Over the course of history, the treatment of mental health patients has been very cruel and inhumane. Although modern standards of treatments have improved greatly, an idea that I have had would be treatment that would be a little less invasive and could be used for many different types of mental illnesses. I think that a method of less prescription, more talk/art/music therapy, and maybe minor surgeries when there is a better understanding of the brain and where certain diseases are centered in it, would be highly beneficial to patients. As a friend of many people with chronic depression and having…show more content…
And, I think that that is completely unacceptable. I believe that everyone should have an ability to access healthcare no matter their situation or how much money they have. I want to be a part of an organization that makes that difference in the world. One that gives that small village in Somalia access to treatments and medications that they would not have had. My societal responsibility once I receive my degree is to make difference in healthcare worldwide. I want to implement a new mental health system and treatment plans that are completely individualized to each person. I also want to volunteer for Doctors without Borders and improve health standards for all people no matter their environment or ability to access

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