Lindsay Rosasco Diction Analysis

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The writer and teacher, Lindsay Rosasco, creates strong diction through the use of informal word choice. Her diction style relates to her audience, who are teenagers in high school. She is trying to convince them that she is not out to get them, she just wants the best for all of them. Rosasco doesn’t use a higher level of vocabulary or more grandiose style because if she did, then teenagers could turn away from the text and she is writing like how the students talk. By doing this, she lets the readers know that she understands how they live. In her first paragraph, she tells the readers to, “read this with an open mind, an open heart, and minimal eye rolling please.” She realizes that teenagers aren’t the most accepting people and eye rolling…show more content…
How they act. She conveys that she knows more about teenagers’ minds than than think by saying that she knows there is “life beyond the tears, breakups, and parties [...]” (Rosasco, 5). She’s even been a high school student, she’s been through it all and she’s trying to get the readers to remember that. Under her subtitle “Why I Worry,” the author uses many cases of repetitions to make her points stand out and to put emphasis on them, which all fits into diction. In her first bullet point (which draws attention to her statements and reveals key ideas) she bluntly states her worries about highschool students not trying their best by writing, “I worry,” at the beginning of each of the three sentences. This repetition solidifies each meaning behind her sentences. The reader knows that this author is sincere in her words if they choose to say it over and over again. Using the same phrase to start each sentence makes you read each sentence fully and not skip over anything because it catches your attention. The next four bullet point starts with “when I,” and then an action that she does to the students that could make them upset. Like, writing a referral for tardiness or giving a zero for late work, but there are reasons behind her doing
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