Why Iago Is To Blame In Shakespeare's Othello

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There were many reasons for the tragedy in the shakespearean play Othello. But the biggest reason was the brilliant, cunning, sneaky, manipulative mastermind Iago. Because he had all of these qualities and his relentlessness to fulfill his goal to destroy othello he is the only person at fault.
Iago is the only person at fault for what had happened to othello, desdemona, emilia, and roderigo (also cassio but he ended up getting a better life after all of this was done). The reason iago did what he did was because othello promised him a job as lieutenant in the venetian army and then went back on his promise to hire Cassio as lieutenant who not only was not a soldier he also was not from venice he was from florence and that made iago mad, and
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The differences of these quotes are that in one point of the story he was still cool, calm, and collected, but at the end of the play he is talking like a deranged murderer shows that iago had a large effect on his mental status and his plan had worked which was to basically ruin othello's life. The way that Iago manipulated the situation is quite genius, he was able to use things like the handkerchief and mention it to othello by saying. “Her honor is an essence that’s not seen,They have it very oft that have it not.But for the handkerchief” By saying it this way he made it sound like desdemona and cassio would have gotten away with their affair and their undeserved reputations would not be tarnished if it wasn't for the handkerchief, this is the deciding factor in iago's plan because the handkerchief is the symbol of love and loyalty in othello's marriage and to “have given it to her lover” would destroy othello's trust and willingness to listen to reason so he did something crazy and that was to kill her. So he did and in the end othello killed desdemona and then himself, and while he is killing himself emelia figures it all out and iago kills her as well so in the end iago is the one who is really the sole factor in all of this, if it wasn't for him wanting his revenge none of this would have happened and 3 people would not be dead. On top of all the evils he had done to othello iago also manipulated Roderigo from the beginning of the play to the end. Iago manipulates Roderigo many times but the biggest of them all was when he and roderigo planned on killing Cassio and right before the attack iago said to
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