Why Illegal Fishing Is Bad

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Did you ever think that the fish you like to eat can extinct or can causes diseases? , Also Did you ever know that there is a big problem that can destroy the sea creatures?. Illegal fishing is one of the most dangerous phenomenon that can destroy and affect the sea environment in a bad way especially in the pacific and Indian ocean ( Beke & Blomeyer , 2014 ). Moreover, illegal fishing is an activity of the fishers who don’t have licenses and they are practicing their jobs without following the laws that established by the governments and they are using tools that have been banned because of the bad effects that those tools and materials cause. According to Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) studies the Statistics show that practicing…show more content…
The reason for this is that The decline of the fish wealth that caused by illegal fishing is affecting badly million of people in the world who are depending on the fish and sea creatures and benefiting from them to survive . For example people who are living in the developing countries and in the costs especially in south Africa are depending on the fish and the sea to feed them self are suffering from the illegal fishing, because they are getting important micronutrients from the fish such as vitamins , calcium , zinc , fatty acids and it protect their bodies from the diseases but with the decline of the fish wealth their health has been affected , because they are not getting enough micronutrients and energy ( Golden & Allison , 2015 ). Moreover the bad storing of the fish is one of the most important reasons that can affect the human health. the fishers who are practicing illegal fishing are covering the surplus of fish in places that are inappropriate to save fish in it to hide their crime against the marine environment ( Beke & Blomeyer , 2014 ) . Consequently this thing causes a lot of diseases between the fish that can transfer to the human and affect their health’s such as Heterophyiasis disease that affect the human stomach, salmonella and candida fungus that causes severe infections in some parts of the body (Golden & Allison , 2015…show more content…
This shows that illegal fishing is not effecting the fish only it is also affecting other sea creatures such as coral reefs. The fishers that are practicing illegal fishing use tools and materials such as dynamite that are banned by the government to make it easy for them to get more fish in a short time . There are a lot of people who are living in the islands of Malaysia are suffering from the effects of using the tools that are destroying the coral reefs so they stablished Voluntary groups aimed at protecting the sea from illegal fishing ( taking care of the ocean environment, 2014).in addition, practicing illegal fishing increases the number of the endangered fish. The Fishers are ignoring the laws and they are fishing the fish in their breeding season, which causes a very big problem and very sharp decline in number of different kinds of fish (Moger, 2016) . As a result The kinds of fish that are endangered because of this phenomenon are tuna, Dark grouper and hake( taking care of the ocean environment, 2014) . illegal fishing is not a sample and normal phenomenon it is considered as a threat to the marine environment

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