Why Immigrants Need Racial Profiling?

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Does having officers who check documents based on the color of your skin really work in reducing the number of illegal immigrants we have in the U.S? Would farmers and productions companies land on hard times without the extra help the immigrants provide? .Things have been going downhill for a while now. With all the problems that are caused by basing whether or not you should be pulled over while following all traffic laws, stopped on the sidewalk on your way home from getting a bite to eat, or taking longer at border stops just trying to take your family to disneyland, all because of the color of your skin. This controversial law was passed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who signed the law in 2010(Serrano, Sept. 07, 2012). By having this law passed it has caused many people with any Hispanic background or even those who are not Hispanic at all, just have darker skin, to worry constantly about being stopped for no reason and asked for papers. Though, this may not seem like a big deal for people that are here legally, they should not have to feel that they cannot go anywhere without that constant burden.…show more content…
In my eyes it’s not an effective strategy to deport immigrants back to mexico. Profiling puts a large amount of pressure on Police officers who are told they need to do this to as part of their job. It also creates a lot of family breakdown with american citizens who are Hispanic, watch as their older illegal immigrants that brought them to the U.S, are being deported. How can we morally feel that this kind of practice is ok? “It was no accident that so many high school students protested the new law. They will be directly affected. Young people are often the chief targets of racial profiling. And this law will almost surely split up families. In many cases, young people who are U.S. citizens have one or both parents who are undocumented workers. These families already cope with enormous economic pressure.” (Price , April 23,
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