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Time for the US Army to invade Canada It is said that it is easier to invade Canada instead of Syria. This is the time for the US Army to invade Canada. You might have heard about the recent hot discussion going on about this. But, if we go with the logics the reasons behind invading Canada could be the following: 1. Canada is the most prominent authority where you can actually go for a real tank invasion. It is convenient than the rest and also similar to the Hitler did. 2. Canada has all the things which can be a real spoil of war zone; from abundant trees to gold, everything is present there. So, invading it would be a smart move. 3. Canada feels like home with the US. So, eventually, this state of relationship would be beneficial to the…show more content…
Most importantly, Canadian speaks English, although it is not appropriate to the US level. But, still, they connect to the US. 5. The added advantage of Canada is the common system of currency which adds more benefits to the…show more content…
But, why there is a need of such invade? There is a dire need of doing this because Canada is among the countries which are taking terrorists. Those people who have denied access to the US, Canada allows them peacefully. This raises a question of differentiation which needs to be looked carefully. It is the right time to prepare the military of US to invade Canada and win drastically. We can’t let our people suffer because of Canada. Before Canada attacks the US, why not attack Canada. All that is happening with the death of David Rockefeller and obviously with the Trump 's pro-USA policies which strongly insisted the plan to be executed like this. With the Trump’s policies, several countries have been restricted access to the state like Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan. This boils up all situation and contributing a lot to the costly foreign wars. The shutting of the troupes from the middle east by the US, and also closing mostly the military bases around the globe has contributed a lot towards the idea of not putting our troupes into danger. Instead, it will be better to attack and invade Canada for a safer

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