Ethical Issues In Abortion

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Pregnancy, giving birth, and abortion are three interrelated topics. They offer moral dilemmas that aren’t easily solved or tackled. In this paper, I will discuss abortion and I will approach it from the point of view of a consequentialist, a deontological ethicist, and a virtue ethicist. I will start by defining abortion, provide some information about the reasons why women opt to abort a fetus, then give a specific example of a moral dilemma that a woman is facing, and explore the dilemma from the different points of view. What is abortion? Abortion is the voluntary process of ending a fetus’ life during pregnancy, naturally, through medication, or through a medical intervention. Why is abortion a moral dilemma? By definition a moral dilemma “involves conflicts between moral requirements.” (McConnell, 2014). In fact, when a person faces conflicting options on what to do in certain moral situations and when each option is feasible but not simultaneously doable with another option, the person in this case is facing a moral dilemma and he/she is “condemned to moral…show more content…
An ethical egoist would be in favor of an abortion in this woman’s case because she might not be able to meet the needs of this new baby, he might not be in good health, and she might not be able to provide him with the comfort, love, and assistance he requires. Since her financial situation is bad, giving birth to a new baby would impose on her more financial constraints. Her two children face health issues, and this new baby might also face health issues. Her relationship with her husband is bad and the children might face psychological and emotional problems due to domestic violence. In case, she ever opts to leave her husband, running away with two children is easier than leaving with three

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