Don Marquis Abortion Case Study

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Question 1
Don Marquis believed that abortion is morally wrong, he supports this by uttering that what makes killing an unborn baby or fetus wrong is by depriving the right of living a life of future experiences, activities, and accomplishments, as these elements are what we consider valuable in someone’s life. According to Marquis killing a human being is equivalent to killing a fetus, (even though a fetus is not completely developed, and it’s not classified a human being) because terminating a pregnancy for whatever motive it could be, it robs the fetus of its inherent value, same with killing a person, by doing it so, you are stealing a person’s right to live, and taking away their purpose in this world.
Continuously an example of this could be that fetus could become the future pioneer of modern medicine or technology, this is a valuable future not just for the fetus itself but to the world, so killing the fetus, will also prevent of new discoveries in medicine or technology which contributes to the rest of the world, so Marquis concluded that any action that averts a potential future its morally wrong.

Question 6
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Thompson believes that every person has complete control over their own bodies, and that they are responsible to what happens to it, so her argument is that abortion is not morally wrong but its needed to protect oneself from harm. For example, ectopic pregnancies happen when fertilization of an egg occurs anywhere else rather than in the uterus, which is in an abnormal place, now this pregnancy could be deadly to the mother, so an abortion is needed to save the mother’s life, because she has the right to protect her own life, even if it means to kill a

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