Arguments Against Abortion

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Abortion is an act of ending a pregnancy by removing the fetus from the womb before it grows. Abortion, which occurs extemporaneously, is known as miscarriage, and if it occurs purposely then it is known as an induced abortion. Nowadays, modern methods for abortion include surgery or medication or both. Mostly, abortions are the results of unwanted and unintended pregnancies. Abortion has become one of the most controversial issues in today’s society. However, is very difficult for a person to express his/ her opinion on abortion, as it is not an openly and widely discussed topic. Moreover, many people consider abortion as a safe way to end pregnancy whereas; many others consider it as unethical as it kills the child before birth. Abortion has now become a controversial topic. There are many arguments whether abortion is right or wrong. For supporting my argument, I studied three articles, in one article, the author argues from the religious point of view that abortion is wrong and gives references from the Bible to prove the argument. The second article provides supportive arguments in the regard that abortion is the right of every woman, as every woman has right to treat her body as she wants. In this article, different…show more content…
No one has the right to kill others for the sake personal gain. Again, it is not considered good at all. In contrast, a clear manner it is called “murder”.The reason is that child in the womb of a mother is considered as a life. The child in womb has his/her existence in the world. We cannot give the argument to justify the act of abortion that the child has not arrived in world. The child has no existence, how is it a murder? The death of the child in the womb of a mother is not considered when it is the result of some injury. The state laws advocate that if woman faces miscarriage due to fighting off others, the responsible person must have fined which is

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