Why Is Acton Important

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Few places are as sentimentally valuable to me as the town of Acton—and for good reason. Acton is and always has been a significant setting in my life. As the location of my grandmother’s house—the gathering place of my family for every holiday or event—Acton has become a second hometown now synonymous to me with family. Presently, unavoidable changes have frayed my family’s connection to the town. While we have managed to adapt, it is uncertain if Acton’s significance to the family will remain in much more than memory before long. I would love to live in Acton, not only because of its significance to my past and present but also for the opportunity to ensure it remains a part of my future.
Acton is significant to my own past but is central to my family’s. As the hometown of both of my parents, such importance is difficult to avoid. However, it was my grandmother’s house that solidified my strong sentiment towards Acton. Nearly every holiday of my childhood was spent there, allowing the family to stay in touch year-round. Among those holidays was the Acton Fall Fair, which to us nearly rivalled thanksgiving. Every year we gathered at my grandmother’s for her homemade chilli, watched the parade and attended the fair. Living in Acton would mean reconnecting with my past.
The inevitable changes that come with time have maintained
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Opportunities like starting a life with my girlfriend of five years, for example. Moreover, it would offer the opportunity to help my aunt host family events. This blessing of a house would mean helping to carry the load, a gift I desperately want to give. However, the opportunity most dear to me is maintaining Acton’s role as the family glue—keeping us connected to the town that has connected us for years. The opportunity to live in Acton is an opportunity to preserve its importance to my family, and to pass it on to a family of my
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