Why Is Addiction Therapy Important

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Addiction Therapy and Its Importance towards Drug Addiction Recovery
Research shows that the use of drugs and alcoholic substances has risen exponentially over the years, especially in the US. This is not surprising, because drug abuse is not a new topic to us and rarely does the media ever lack any report regarding the issue; but the facts still stand that at least 23.5 million American youths over the age of 12 years are hooked on drugs and other substances with only 11% of that population getting the right amount of treatment and therapy. A lot remains to be said upon that statistical truth, but what remains to be true is that addiction therapy is an important step towards recovery from drug use and addiction.
Does Addiction Therapy work?
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Instead, each type is specifically tailored towards the needs of individuals along with the addiction problem one is experiencing. Psychotherapy, for example, is specifically useful in the treatment of mental health conditions that usually string along with prescription drug abuse. In the case of psychotherapy, psychotherapists explore psychological means of drug addiction treatment simply because medical means aren’t sufficient and involving enough.
Psychotherapy in its own is a perfect example of an individual therapy program, which is mostly preferable to drug addicts who have serious problems, mostly those of dual diagnosis. This means that individual therapy is very useful in the treatment of conditions, such as depression and bipolar disorder. However, individual therapies have their own limited usefulness outside these conditions, which is why group therapy is much favored over it. This is because group therapy is in itself more challenging and supportive, since drug addicts undergoing similar addiction experiences come together to help one

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