Why Is Adolf Hitler Not Born Evil

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For nearly ten years, Germany’s chancellor, Adolf Hitler, was the most feared and most influential man of his decade; however, while he was also considered the most evil, there’s much more to this ruthless leader than one could imagine. The human brain has endless responsibilities and functions that determine how the person reacts and/or develops in the course of its lifetime. There is a cause and effect to every situation the body has to endure. Beginning at the stage of adolescence to adulthood, ones physical, psychological and mental abilities can either cripple or advance. People chose to believe that Hitler was conceived through evil and that is due to the ignorance and lack of knowledge that generations have been subsided to. Humans are not born evil, it is the matter of the environment in which they grow up in that causes their person to change. Adolf Hitler is branded with the uprising of the Holocaust and this gives much of the world the belief that he was evil and that he killed millions of people. During this time period, parents practiced the act of ‘child-rearing.’ This is a form of punishment in which the parent, usually the father, physically abuses the child of his/her feelings, thoughts, and creativity. The purpose of this punishment was for absolute obedience to the ‘master plan.’ There were specific…show more content…
Such as chronic pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome. While the sum of documents and articles give us many reason to believe that Hitler’s mental state has a rather big contributing factor, others believe that he was completely sober and aware of all of his actions. However, if one knows anything about the mind, they would know how the effects of abuse and drugs can alter the human and make them do things it wouldn’t otherwise

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