Why Is African American Culture Important

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Who are African Americans and what is their cultural and why is it important. In my opinion I believe culture is what you learn from your family as you grow up. Something to believe it is tall so you can learn your heritage. African Americans or more commonly known as black people is apart of culture worldwide but for me African American culture is the basis of my culture and life.

Culture is a body of learned behaviors common to a given human society. It has patterned and predictable form and content to a degree—yet is variable from individual to individual within a given society. Culture is changeable over time. In fact, one of culture’s most predictable aspects is its constant state of change. It changes because people learn culture.

Culture can be further broken down into the following essential features:
Systems of Meaning that include forms of communication of which language is primary, traditional beliefs, performances and practices,
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subsistence, food ways, crafts, and architecture), objects, structures, and technology. African American material culture includes Gullah traditional crafts, ironwork, and traditional building crafts.

Based on the research previously stated above is one definition or belief of what culture is and how it breaks down. So if that it is one way to define culture than what it is one-way to explain or define African American culture? Myself being an African-American or Black man I believe that our culture is our identity. Growing up black always thought that our culture was only about having a family, going to church, and eating food as a family such as family dinners. I say these three things stand out about my culture because to me they are the most important are in my African-American family.
African American: an American who has African and especially black African
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