Why Is African American History Important

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Why is African American History so important? Why is American History important? Those are two important questions we should ask ourselves whenever questions like that are asked in the classroom, in the different political aspects, and most importantly in our homes with our children whom are ever so thirsty for knowledge and eager to grow. In my opinion African American History should be included into American History and no difference should be made, but we as human beings have not gotten that far in our lively hood and have separated the two. As I can recall in school we were taught some African American History, but it was truly limited. Anything extra you wanted to know required you to seek additional research on. At a young age I always ask teachers why was it so much information on American History and not as much on African American History? We were given the response of that’s all that was put into the textbook. It was pretty hard to learn about…show more content…
Which includes their origin, culture, and knowledge of their past history. This is done to recognize the achievements of the black Americans. Which has turned into an annual celebration that many have it for Black History month. Negro can is a word that can mean many different things. However, mostly used with the black or African American. Despite the controversy with the Negro history, the term was basically used with the origin of negro history is from the slavery term. Or with the slave mentality in mind.

African American History evolved throughout the 20th century by a vast number of things from politics to entertainment. Then to education, business, health and medicine. Just about any and every aspect you could possibly think of and it has touched. To think from the boycotts of the civil rights movement to being able to vote. Then racial violence that occurred then and unfortunately is still occurring

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