Why Is Alexander The Great A Villain

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“The villain is the person who knows the most but cares the least,” This quote comes from Chuck Klosterman. A villain means that you don’t care about other people and they are just selfish and mean. Alexander the Great is a villain because he killed a lot of people and destroyed many towns and cities.
Alexander the Great is a villain because killed a lot of people. People who kill other people for really no reason are villains. Alexander killed many people just because they did something little to his civilization. According to TCI “Philip wanted to attack Persia next, but, in 336 B.C.E., he was murdered. His son, Alexander, was the new Macedonian king.” (TCI the last section). A website states that Alexander murdered his dad (Cite in Bibliography). Alexander wanted to be king but he didn’t have to kill your dad for the spot. Alexander got king when he was 20 and people say he was great for that but really he just killed his dad that was king to get the spot for king and that 's just selfish. Alexander the great
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Many might say that Alexander is a hero because of his bravery and leadership. People need to look at the bad side of Alexander to see him as a villain, so here is a great piece of evidence. According to Google “Cleitus the Black (Greek: Κλεῖτος ὁ μέλας; c. 375 BC – 328 BC) was an officer of the Macedonian army led by Alexander the Great. He saved Alexander 's life at the Battle of the Granicus and was killed by him in a drunken quarrel several years later” (type “who did alexander the great kill” on google). This proves everyone wrong that thinks Alexander is a hero because why would you kill someone if they saved you. Some will say that he didn’t mean to because he was drunk but that isn’t an excuse because why would you get drunk if you are the leader. If you 're the leader you need to be in charge of your civilization, Instead he was being dumb and made the wrong decision of killing someone that saved you. This is clear evidence that he was a
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