Why Is Alexander The Great Bad

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I don’t think that Alexander was a great king. He did far too much bad. He has killed thousands of people. Burned their temples, and treated people very badly. He went to conquer many place and took over when they didn’t want him there at all. Everyone liked what they had and didn’t want him to come in and ruin it for all of them. This is shown in the city of Thebes. The people of Thebes didn’t like Alexander and didn’t want to have anything to do with him. He wanted to conquer them so badly that he went in and tried to fight with them. He killed six thousand men, women, and children because they wanted the independence. He sold twenty thousand women and children into slavery. Then he told everyone that he did it because he was the son of Zeus.…show more content…
He went to Egypt and everyone there liked him and wanted to be under his rule. He took over a piece of land not to far away from Memphis and named it Alexandria. Here he built everything that he would need. He also built temples for the Greek gods, but he also built them for the Egyptian gods. It became the center of learning. He combined Greek and Egyptian culture into one area. Then he want on into Persia where he became mean again. His campaign for when they would attack was brutal and relentless. This led to a lot of blood being shed throughout the land of Persia. Led to the killing of everyone including women and children. He relied on brute force to take out the enemy. He disregarded the death of his own people. He slaughtered forty thousand men in battle. He sold close to thirty thousand women and children into slavery. He burned down temples and important building. In India he killed eighty thousand people while conquering their lands. Alexander was not a great king. He was one of the worst tyrants to ever live. Killing hundreds of thousands of people just for some land. He was a blood hunger tyrant and he should have never got the name of “great”. He stipe d people of their cultural identity for some

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