Why Is America Important To Me

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I would say that America gives its citizens the most freedoms and rights than any other countries. It also seems America gets better every generation. I believe that America’s greatest gift to my generation is the opportunity and the freedoms that the first amendment gives to the citizens of America. The opportunity that America gives its people is the reason why America is great. The fact that even if you have disabilities you can still become whatever you want. I think a great example of opportunity is the story of Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking is a scientist who researches black holes and quantum physics. When Stephen Hawking was 21 he was diagnosed with ALS. Even though he had a disability, Stephen Hawking still became a ground breaking scientist. Another great example of a person who…show more content…
I believe the most important part of the first amendment is the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech gives everyone the right to express their opinions and beliefs without censorship or restraint. Freedom of religion is also very important to many citizens of America. Freedom of religions gives people the right to follow whatever religion they want. Without freedom of religion, every citizen would have to follow the religion that the government chooses. Freedom of religion gives people many rights and freedoms. Freedom of religion is important to me because I know whenever I am having trouble or any of my friends and family are having trouble I can always pray that they can become better. In other countries you can’t turn to whatever religion you follow because there may only be one religion allowed. The first amendment gives America’s citizens many freedoms. That is why the first amendment makes America so great. I still believe that America is so great because of the opportunity and the first amendment, and I believe that this is the best generation of
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