Why Is America's Constitution Relevant Today

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The United States’s Constitution has been this country’s constitution for two-hundred and thirty years on September 17. Before the Constitution there were the Articles of Confederation. This form of government that the states had, wasn’t working. The states were divided and Britain controlled their trade, making it impossible for them to get the products they needed for the price they arranged for. They needed a new form of government so that their new country could survive. James Madison wrote what we see as the Constitution today. He researched history to figure out the perfect form of government. The government he pictured completely abolished the Articles of Confederation and wanted the people to have complete say in this new government. He wanted it to be presented at the convention, where the states were planning on fixing the Articles of Confederation not abolishing the Articles. The reason why many of the states were…show more content…
The smaller states knew that they would not have a say in the vote or in this future Congress if they did not break this alliance. Connecticut decided to make an unlikely alliance, South Carolina. South Carolina was the leader in slave trade and Connecticut was abolishing slavery in their state, but they both depended on trade for their economy. This one factor helped them form their alliance. Eventually the states were able to compromise the representation in the Senate, later being called the Connecticut Compromise. The compromise stated that every state gets two Senators and each Senator gets one vote in the Senate. Through compromises and having the best interest for the country, the convention was able to vote on the Constitution of what was now the United States of America. The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787. This created the government that the United States of America now sees
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