Why Is Amir Important In The Kite Runner

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No matter in the life or literature, no one is perfect. All of us make mistakes or make wrong choices all the time, and we try to correct them. However, not all mistakes can be corrected by making amends. One such example is Amir, the protagonist in Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner. Amir is not a typical positive character. Instead, he makes decisions that force the readers to question his morality and conscience. Tangling with the past, Amir is struggling and he decides to go back to where he is from and make redemption. However, what he has done in the past cannot be just canceled by his tardy effort after decades. To begin with, if Hassan’s loyalty, courage and forgiveness portray a positive example, Amir’s jealousy, cowardice and betrayal depict an unforgivable figure. “Sometimes I wished he wouldn’t do that. Wished he’d let me be the favorite.” (Hosseini, 54) “My favorite part of reading to Hassan was when we came across a big word that he didn’t know. I’d tease him, expose his ignorance.” (Hosseini, 30) “A voice, cold and dark, suddenly whispered in my ear, What does he…show more content…
Once it is started, it cannot be stopped. We give too much credits to making changes immediately after knowing it is wrong, but we forget that it is the way it should be. Amir should will always carry the greatest responsibility for what happened to Hassan and his family. Trying the best to correct mistakes is not a noble virtue. It is what should be done as a person. We should remind ourselves to not make wrong choices at any moment, and not find excuses for the mistakes. And certainly we should not generously admit and accept our worst qualities because that would only make us became more and more incorrigible. Being a worse person at first, and then correcting it is not greatness and nobility. Some people are born with, and will always have integrity and pure and honest
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