Why Is Animal Testing Allowed

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Every year, ten to one hundred million animals are tested on. Rats and mice are two-thirds of that total. In addition to that there are 180,000 dogs, 55,000 cats, 500,000 rabbits, a similar number of guinea pigs, and 60,000 primates. With these numbers why still test on animals? Animal testing is wrong and needs to stop. These animals are dying from neglect and harsh conditions. Animal testing is not even one hundred percent accurate! People have talked about what it 's like to be a test subject. So again, why is animal testing still allowed ? In just one case of animal testing, over 30 primates are dead. The primates would die from neglect, dehydration, and more. These animals were practically being murdered. In another case a six week old monkey was caught between the cage…show more content…
Animal rights companies have that the tests will not always deliver accurate results. If we inject an animal with a strain of a disease and find a cure that works for that animal how do we know that it will on humans? “The monoclonal antibody TGN1412 was safe in monkeys at five hundred times the dose tested in humans, yet all six British volunteers who received the drug in 2006 nearly died. Conversely simple aspirin produces birth defects in at least 7 animal species yet is safe in humans. Every 1 of 197 human trials using 85 HIV/AIDS vaccines tested have failed. More than one hundred and fifty human stroke trials using treatments successful in animals have failed as have at least two dozen animal diabetes cures. Vioxx was tested successfully in eight studies using six animal species, yet this anti-inflammatory medicine may have caused the deaths of more Americans than the Vietnam War”(USA Today, John J. Pippin). If the results aren 't always accurate, why do we continue to perform the
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