Why Is Animal Testing Become Unnecessary

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Animal experiments are conducted to test whether the manufactured drugs, that are going to be put out in the market, are safe. They are also conducted as research purposes, like discovering cures for untreatable diseases. However, animal testing has been called in to question because its cruelty and lack of promised results. Is it possible to assume animal testing has become unnecessary?
First of all, the conduction of animal experimentation can be easily rejected because of the immorality and cruelty that comes with it. Every year at least 115 million animals die in laboratories due to animal testing (Taylor K., 2008) and the numbers are steadily increasing. The shocking statistic proves that it has come to a point where we should ask ourselves, is it really worth it? Animals, like humans, are living organisms that are sentient and are capable of suffering. Conducting these experiments only make animals seem like tools used for the progress of humanity, stripping away the factor that they possess the same right to life we abuse every day. Results are not promised, however pain and distress on the animal’s part is guaranteed which proves that animal testing is an unnecessary evil.
Secondly, animal testing is not only dangerous for the animals themselves but also for the humans that consume the drug once it is released in to the market. Animals are physically and biologically different to humans. Only 5-25% of the substances that are harmful to humans are damaging to the
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