Why Is Animal Testing Good

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In this paper, I will be making an argument about why animal testing is a good thing for humans to have for the sake of products. Animal testing has caused a great relief of pain and suffering to humans. It has been the foundation of humans finding curves for diseases and then being able to treat those diseases. Animal testing makes it possible for humans to develop new drugs and vaccines. Personally, I stand for the use of animal testing as a beneficiary of science and human products. This relief of human suffering has been highly debated for many years. Animal testing has been a controversial topic that many companies and activists either strongly fight against or stand for. As previously mentioned, animal testing has assisted in scientific research to develop new products and vaccinations. For…show more content…
The discovery of over 160 drugs and vaccines (Sun n.p.) has been through the use of animal testing. “Some other medical advancements that have been discovered through animal testing include penicillin, blood transfusions, insulin (that controls blood sugar levels of diabetics), kidney transplants, and vaccines for polio and meningitis (Sun n.p.).” Almost every medical breakthrough has come from testing on animals. The polio vaccination, from the polio diseased, has reduced tremendously over the years due to animal testing. In another animal experiment, dogs pancreases were taken out which led to the finding of insulin, which brought progress to treating diabetes. Humans and animals have organs that operate in similar ways. In the case of evolution, the DNA makeup of humans is remotely similar to the DNA makeup of chimpanzees and mice. Because of this, findings in medical advancements has been made easier. The life of many humans is spared through animals, which in some cases, are bred to be used for testing. Animal testing is critical to us as humans, so that we will not have to test on
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