Why Is Animal Testing Important

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Animal Testing Animal testing should be used for scientific purposes because in the time it has been around, treatments and products have been improved to help us live our lives as healthy as we can. We should be thankful for testing because by doing so, the safety in our products increase. Animal testing may seem cruel and wrong, but it has been proven to help with medical and scientific research. This also helps scientists with their understanding of certain medical treatments and products for other human uses. It also plays an important part in finding new information about diseases, their development, cures, and ways to get rid of them. In 2011, a poll of about 1,000 biomedical scientists was taken by the science magazine, “Nature”. This poll showed that more than 90% of the…show more content…
It is encouraged that these products be tested by doctors to ensure its safety. Mosquito repellent, for example, must go through animal testing to evaluate the toxicity of the product before it is to be sold in the United States and Europe. Statistics say that Americans generally consume around 340 chickens for every animal that is being researched or tested on. This does not measure up to how many animals are killed for our consumption. People get really defensive over animal testing, but what they do not fully comprehend are the benefits it brings us. Animals have helped in finding many discoveries, cures, vaccines, and products for our consumption. Without testings, more humans and animals would have unknown diseases that would not be cured. Many people complain that animal testing is cruel, but we need to realize how beneficial animal testing really is. Acknowledge the positive reasons behind it. Animal testing is not a way of animal cruelty. Animal testing is a helpful way to push our species towards advancement in medicine and
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