Why Is Animal Testing Wrong

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Humanity has a history of experimentation on animals and death is what will come of it if animals continue to be treated inhumanely. On a daily basis animals are removed from their natural habitat and taken to labs to be tested on for human products. Animal experimentation has become a very popular method of research and testing. This procedure is most common in the United States and European countries, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom being the most popular. In the United States alone, an estimate of 100 million animals are used for testing and in European countries over 12 million animals are sacrificed each year for testing. Out of that large number, up to 90 percent are not counted in the official statistics of animals tested. 92 out of every 100 tests that pass in animals fails in humans and that number has increased 86 percent since 1985. It is not a very sufficient way of study because the results are often not accurate and at least 16 million dollars is spent each year. This research method is not effective…show more content…
The species being tested on vary greatly. Some of the most common ones include mice, rats, fish, farm animals, cats, dogs, and various non-human animals. They are all used for different reasons and a good portion of them are taken out of their homes to be killed in a
Ritchey 2 laboratory. Animals do have certain rights and laws that protect them, yet labs and testing sights seem to override them in many circumstances. The Animal Welfare Act protects animals in research, however, it only provides minimal protection for certain species excluding mice, rats, and birds. That means only 10 percent of the animals tested on are actually covered by the AWA. Unfortunately cold blooded animals, as well as animals breed for agricultural purposes do not fall under this protection. A big issue right now is cosmetic and common household products being
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