Why Is Athens Better Than Sparta

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Sparta Vs. Athens Sparta was a militaristic and warrior city in ancient Greece, it was focused on loyalty on the military service and the state. The people of Sparta were also known for their strengths that were built by them at a very young age. At the age of seven, Spartan boys began education and military service training that was supported by the state. Though Spartan women were not serving the military, they still were educated and got to have more status and freedom, and rights than the rest of the Greek women. As a woman one would rather stay in Sparta than in Athens because the women of Sparta got to have sovereignty, mobility/status, rights and respect. The women of Sparta got greater independence than the Athenians because the Spartans believed that in spite of the person’s gender all Spartans had a responsibility to serve the warlike end of Sparta. Furthermore, Spartan women were taught to read, write and protect themselves, they were taught these things just so that they could be independent and so that they would not have to depend on men to do their work for them while they were at war, another reason was so that women could produce strong babies if they were strong. The women got their freedom in exchange of being warriors and guarding their properties. Spartan women were known for starting conflicts.…show more content…
The women of Sparta were known for their boldness because they could bear children, were capable of being strong, and were loyal to the work they did, that is also why Spartan women got respect from their husbands and other males living in Sparta, they were not treated/counted as slaves like the Athenian women. The women of Sparta would treat Helots (slaves) badly, because that was their personality in ancient Sparta. Nowadays, most women would not have done what they did, mainly because the Athenian culture influenced more than the Spartan culture
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