Why Is Augustus An Influential Person

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Influential people deserve marvelous things and Augustus was an Influential person and this is why he deserves a statue. Augustus was a great leader who has done much for Rome and its people. Augustus Caesar 's statue should have a place in our city because he started Pax Romana; he had many great reforms and he was a great leader who led by example. All these reasons make him a significant part of our history and someone who deserves a memorial.

Augustus had many achievements which changed the future of Rome and one of his biggest accomplishments has been Pax Romana. Pax Romana is a key point in our history so far. In this time Augustus had managed to rebuild 82 temples using our money and even his own. This has helped our people closer to the gods and make it easier for them to go to the temple. Evidently, his respect for the gods and for our community and for all he was willing to do for our people. Another thing Augustus did to help achieve Pax Romana was that he kept his officials honest. Augustus only hired honest officials which kept us from having a civil war and healed the deep divisions caused by Caesar 's death. Because of Augustus 's love of writing, we are in a period were literature and architecture are at its finest in Rome 's history. Even though Julius Caesar invented an accurate calendar that we still use today, Augustus 's golden age has made a bigger influence on Rome and it 's future. I believe Augustus 's golden age will last for many centuries and
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