Why Is Baseball Important To Me

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Baseball has impacted and influenced my way of life. It’s an honor and a privilege to play and how it has developed and strengthened me physically and mentally as a person will always play a part in my way of life. You’ve heard of those individuals that say they eat, sleep, and breathe baseball. I am that individual! I have played since I was three so I really live my life through baseball. It has taught me to be dedicated, show leadership, and to be determined for instance, I’ve played the game with strained muscles and a cracked rib for the simple fact my team needed me. I wasn’t about to let them down! Helping others with encouraging words and staying positive are good virtues to possess. If my teammate is having a bad day, I pat them on the back, give…show more content…
Helping others makes my heart overflow with love, the more love I have means the more drive I have to help. Even though this sounds mushy, it’s how I feel. From helping kids struggling in math or helping them with their baseball skills, it’s a joy to see the look on their face when they have accomplished a task. It is all a very great rewarding experience in itself! Even though I was shy growing up, baseball has developed me into a mature leader, an exciting and determined young man. It has taught me to go after my goals in life. It is like catching a fly ball that you have to dive for and get scraps and cuts, it is a difficult catch but you know you can do it. Anything in life worth having doesn't come easy, but being determined can be very rewarding. Knowing this has strengthened my academics, my attitude, and my passion for others. I now have the confidence to pursue my desire of becoming an accounting manager. I also want to give back to baseball because it has given and taught me so very much, therefore I want to further my career as a volunteer baseball coach. Like I said, “Baseball has developed me mentally and
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