Why Is Basketball Better Than Soccer

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Although basketball and soccer may appear to be dissimilar, the sports are alike in more ways than one might initially believe. Basketball courts and soccer fields are set up with the same principles, and both sports[O2] entertain spectators with constant action. The point system for each sport is distinct; basketball can result in a score exceeding one hundred points. On the other hand, soccer games may end in a tie in which no goals are scored, but both sports build up play in the same way. Basketball courts and soccer fields have one glaring distinction[O3] ; the size of the playing areas of the two sports is quite different. However, a soccer field and a basketball court share many characteristics. A soccer field has eighteen-yard boxes around the goals, just as basketball courts…show more content…
Often travelling long distances, fanatics of the sports spend large sums of money to attend high profile matches. Fans buy jerseys and gather together with their friends and families to watch basketball games on their televisions. Many soccer fans also gather around a screen to enjoy a soccer match, especially since many of the prominent soccer players work in Europe. Both sports attract fans with the potential of a game filled with action and excitement, including the prospect of a close, intense match-up. Scoring in soccer and basketball differs greatly, yet the action leading up to a basket or goal is tremendously[O4] similar. In a basketball game, the players advance up the court passing the ball among themselves in order to avoid opponents with the hope that they are able to get within shooting distance of the net. Also, soccer players move about the field, kicking the ball to teammates to keep the other team from the ball; however, players pass the ball backwards more often in soccer than in basketball. Players in both sports ultimately try to score points or make
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