Importance Of Basketball In My Life

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Basketball was always a very important part in my life. Between constantly being told to practice more and getting on myself, basketball was always on my mind. You never realize that something you thought you loved could cause harm also. If I didn’t play basketball all throughout high school, I wouldn’t be who I am now and it all started my freshman year. Freshman year, I was able to suit varsity and play junior varsity at the same time. I was probably the best player on junior varsity because I spent the summer before working with the girls on varsity and going to scrimmages with them. I knew I was not even close to ready for varsity so I kept working on my skills throughout the season. As the summer came, I didn’t work on basketball nearly enough as I should have and it…show more content…
That summer, my younger sister would be coming into high school so we went to another coach named Rich. He worked us hard and everyone had those days where you just want to lay around, but he wouldn’t go easy on us and we needed it. The only thing that sucks about going to an extra coach, having your actual coach who pushed us extra hard that summer, and having parents who want you to do the best so they push you really hard also is you get tired of it. I just wanted to relax and take a break from basketball or not have it be so serious. I missed the days where we would go outside and just shoot hoops and play games for fun instead of for practice. The summer after my sophomore year is when I really started to lose interest in basketball. I loved the sport, but it was getting too serious. The pressure was on because we lost our five seniors who were the main varsity players and were left with only one other girl who seriously played varsity, Makaelyn. Our luck went downhill when we were at a summer camp and Makaelyn tore her ACL. Cafferty, our coach, was devastated because he focused most of his energy on her in hopes of going to state
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