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To volunteer is to donate a person’s time, labor, and talent to causes in the community and in return improving the community’s quality of life. When a person volunteers it could be for several different reasons. It could be for the satisfaction from achieving an accomplishment, to gaining leadership skills, to getting to know a community, to learning something new, to making new friends, to keeping busy, or simply because they were asked to. Many different people volunteer for many different reason some do it for the health aspect and others for the pure joy of it. Whatever that person 's reasoning is, there are some serious benefits of volunteering. As a result, volunteering not only has an effect on the community, but also it has an effect on the person; the benefits a…show more content…
All the sign show volunteering to be great for everything the everyday stress, the education and future job purposes, the living a happy and healthy life, and the connection with people that may not have happened without being a volunteer. But the question so many ask themselves is, why do more people not do it. Are people so caught up in their “busy lives” that they can not spare a few hours of their day to do something for others instead of themselves? Volunteering is so great for every single reason and benefits everyone in the long run. Like with colleges and future job opportunities; volunteering looks and on applications and it gives them something a little extra. Anding to the long term effects of volunteering, when a person volunteers it makes them a happier and healthier person. They know they are doing a good deed which causes them to be happy and they are working hard and that causes them the be healthy. Also along with being a volunteer a person can grow closer not only with their community and the people they are working with but they can also grow closer with themselves. People do not need a reason to volunteer, they just do it for the love and respect of their

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