Benedict Arnold: A Tragic Hero

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America, in its brief history,. There have been murderers, thieves, and villains, but there is one man who is more infamous than all others, a man whose very name is synonymous with everything evil in America—Benedict Arnold. What was his crime? It was Treason, disloyalty, and treachery. He betrayed America, his own country. Truly, he deserved all the disgust and hatred the American people can muster. But who was he, and what exactly did he do? Benedict Arnold life was, in fact, a tragedy. He rose to fame, glory, and power, and slowly, he lost it all. The small failures that he suffered swelled until they brought about his ultimate downfall, his treason. And then, as the most reviled figure in America, he exited the stage, a broken…show more content…
Generals like George Washington often referred to Arnold as their “fighting general” and considered him one of the best officers in the army. Washington was especially fond of Arnold, and frequently offered him distinguished positions in the army. Arnold often traded correspondence with the Commander and chief, and Washington was very supportive of him, encouraging Arnold to be steadfast in the face of his personal trials. Arnold had also been heralded as a superior general in the American Revolution. His brave conquests in Quebec earned him the title “Hannibal of America”. However, role in the Battle of Saratoga was his finest moment. His victory was a harsh blow to the British, and changed the tide of the entire war. In this way, Arnold not only gained the respect of his country, but also accomplished great victories for the American…show more content…
“I wish it had been my heart” he moaned, knowing that he could never again fight in war. It is unknown whether he fully realized the irony of his statement. If Arnold would have died at Saratoga, he would have been a great American Hero who died, bravely sacrificed himself for his country. Nevertheless Arnold, did survive but his, however, his good name did not. He gradually fell in favor with his country and received many blows to his character, until finally; Arnold forsook his country, his cause, and his people. While he hoped that his actions would be admired and that people would see him as a hero, he did not anticipate the tragedy which encompassed his entire life. His professional life never recovered from the ire and mistrust that surrounded all his ventures and he died in professional failure. In the end, perhaps the greatest tragedy of Benedict Arnold’s life is his lasting legacy of ignominy and dishonor. Thus, the story is complete; the tragedy is ended. Nothing yet remains of Benedict Arnold but a memory, a memory of greatness, tainted by one choice that will continue to define him in the country he
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