Why Is Beowulf Still Relevant Today

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Defining Today’s Heroes A question that causes much disagreement today is whether the word hero has some backing, and it does. Examples are shown for why the word hero, and its definition, has acknowledgement today. These examples include people who are labeled as a hero by their actions and others. Alfred de Vigny states “that there are no heroes and monsters in the world”, however, he is wrong since the definition of a hero is someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities; most of these features are seen in people today. The first reason why people are labeled with the word “hero” is for the great deeds that they have accomplished. A hero is not one person, therefore, it can include a countless number. An example of this is the folks that are enlisted in the U.S. Army. Soldiers serve their country in order to maintain peace and order, something that can be considered very heroic. Like our soldiers, the main character of Beowulf also does this. After Beowulf’s death, the people who looked up to him and considered him a hero “extolled his heroic nature and exploits” (3173). There are similarities between these two in…show more content…
Therefore, what truly defines a hero is what he or she gives up in order to give someone else another chance to do right. An example of a hero today is the man from American Sniper, someone that did much for their country in order to maintain peace, just like the hero in Beowulf. Like the American Sniper, Beowulf paid a price for defeating a tormenting foe. The dragon was killed and the treasure that it kept was now there for the taking, all because it was “paid for by Beowulf’s death” (2844). Beowulf gave away his life to give his men all the riches they ever needed in order to keep his country and people safe. People, life Beowulf, have done as he did and that is why they can be called

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